Friday, March 14, 2008

Top sorts - The Sydney Morning Herald - 13th March 2008

The Award for Best Sort was taken out by a pregnant woman (Katherine Heigl for Knocked Up), Best Nude Scene went to a children's flick (The Simpson's Movie) and Best Documentary was won by a surf gang from Maroubra. The Oscars it wasn't but what the Filmink awards lacked in Hollywood glamour it made up for in unusual award choices. Local stars, host Brendan Cowell, and film brethren Joel and Nash Edgerton stepped out for the awards, held last night at Sydney's State Theatre, while Sunny Abberton arrived without his famous brother, surfer Koby, to pick up the award for their 2007 documentary, Bra Boys. Other awards were more predictable with Academy Award-nominated film Atonement, winning the Best Film, and Australian Film Industry award winners taking out Best Australian Film - Romulus, My Father - and Best Newcomer - Emma Booth. John Travolta won Best Hair for his performance in Hairspray. See video from the awards show at

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