Thursday, March 05, 2009

Surfers spooked by shark sighting at Bondi, by Georgina Robinson - The Sydney Morning Herald - 4th March 2009

Eight people were forced to abandon their after-work surf at Bondi Beach yesterday after a two-metre shark swam under them.

Real-estate agent Karl Timms said he was in the water off Bondi about 7.30pm in a group of about eight surfers when he spotted a dark shape.

"I thought what I saw was a piece of seaweed but when I could actually see what it was ... and I looked out to another guy and said, 'Did you see what I saw' and he said, 'Yeah I saw it too,' " said Mr Timms, a surfer with 40 years' experience.

"It looked like it was very wide, very pointed, so I would say it was probably around the seven-foot [2.1-metre] mark.

"So it wasn't too big but seven foot is also too big, you know."

He said he asked another surfer, who also confirmed the sighting. They told the others and quickly made their way in to shore.

"There wasn't mass hysteria, there was a lot of tourists ... they were probably more excited and elated more than anything else that something like that was out there," Mr Timms said.

He did not surf this morning and would not go out tonight, he said.

"But only because the swell's dropped off. There's next to nothing," he said.

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